Disaster Relief


Blake and his family were passionate about giving back to the coastal areas affected by Hurricane Dorian, and Blake felt fulfilled in his efforts, donating time and supplies through multiple trips to the Bahamas after the storm. The Blake Charron Foundation will be allocating funds and opening opportunities for disaster relief for the coastal communities that continue to be affected by natural disasters.

Hurricane Dorian Relief

In the aftermath of the deadly Category 5 Hurricane Dorian that lashed the Bahamas for more than 24 hours, Blake Charron and his father, along with multiple other volunteers, made several trips back and forth to Grand Bahama. They delivered generators, food, medical supplies, personal supplies, and roofing materials.

In his memory, the Charron Foundation plans to continue this tradition of service to these coastal communities, and is actively seeking partnerships with established community organizations and non-profit groups in hurricane and disaster prone areas. These partnerships will empower the foundation to act quickly and in a coordinated fashion in the aftermath of a natural disaster when phone and Internet signal may not be readily available to communicate extensively.