Coral Reef Restoration Initiatives


In addition to supporting the deployment of artificial reefs, the Blake Charron Memorial Foundation will be working in partnership with local organizations and coral farmers to deploy coral farms and coral farming projects along Florida’s East Coast, from Indian River County through the Florida Keys. These efforts will further a collective effort underway throughout the state to restore one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, the Florida Reef Tract.



"Today we received funding from the Blake Charron Foundation and conceptual approval for another FWC artificial reef grant. This funding will allow us to deploy 4 more barges of materials on the Lee E. Harris Memorial Site.

• The first 500 tons will be deployed sometime this fall in a single reef.
• 1,500 additional tons will be deployed before July 2024 in a single reef near the center of the site as shown in the image.
• Actual timing of these deployments will depend upon on other uses of the park. We will need to coordinate with other County programs to ensure continued use of Harbour Pointe.

This may allow us to test for potential effects of different artificial reef structures on fish assemblages (one 1,500 reef vs. several 500-ton reefs separated by less than 50 feet). After the reefs are deployed, I am counting on the fishing and diving communities to give me feedback into differences between the two reef types.

Thanks to the Blake Charron Foundation and the FWC for funding your artificial reef program!"