Blake Charron Foundation Trail


Our Foundation is pleased to have recently worked with St. Lucie County on another project. The design of this reef was conceived to complement other reefs deployed on the Lee E. Harris Memorial Site. Other secondary concrete reefs deployed on this site have been deployed in piles of either 500, 1,000 or 1,500 tons. Using data collected from earlier reefs, three of the four reefs deployed in this area were deployed in a straight line between two of the FishAmerica Foundation reefs. The Last deployment ended up north of the last three, creating an underwater Trail formation to benefit divers and fisherman alike, hence the name Blake Charron Foundation Trail.

The Blake Charron Foundation will remain involved in this project and others like it that will serve to protect, restore and enhance the coral reef habitat off of Florida’s East Coast.

Research and evaluation continues with county officials and top marine scientists to identify additional deployments where the Blake Charron Foundation’s support can offer the most impact towards the objective of coral reef restoration.

To learn more about the St. Lucie County Artificial Reef Program efforts to create additional recreational destinations or to learn about the program’s other projects to create fish habitat, contact Jim Oppenborn at (772) 462-1713 or